Maid in the Philippines

I grew up having one helper in the household, always one, only one.  My mother will have one all-around helper/yaya to take care three of us siblings, and I employ one yaya from the time my eldest was born until he is 13- when I gave birth to our baby bunso.

As a working mom, I knew that employing one helper only will not make it to our expectations-  preparing meals, clean the house to the dust level, do the laundry, and take care of our little princess. I heard of a few horrifying stories about the lone helper taking the little one for granted when the tasks demand for time.  Two extra pair of hands is what we need- so I hired two- and that is when the problems sprouted.

To say the problems doubled when we doubled the helper headcount is an understatement.  We started encountering issues we never encountered before- security and honesty issues- which are very critical.  We changed helpers, hoping that the problems will end, but to our dismay, issues keep repeating.  We then realized that the management style for one helper is not the same as when you have two or more.  Our family adjusted, we re-strategized, and we showed signs of improvement.  Sharing with you our 3 biggest challenge and the best practices in handling maid in the Philippines.

Who’s responsibility

The yaya is tasked to handle everything related to the little one-  clean the bottles, wash baby clothes, bath, feed, put to sleep, play, keep her things in place.

The helper is assigned all-around house tasks: cook, wash dishes, laundry the family’s clothes (excluding the baby’s), clean the house.

The challenge here is doing what they are not supposed to do, while the more important task is left unattended.  I remember getting home from work and found the diaper is soaked and rashes are startung to appearapper.  The yaya reasoned she has no time to change the diaper because she cooked the meal.  The helper, when asked why she did not cook herself, reasoned the yaya volunteered to help.

Husband and I explained that while it is best to help each other, we still prefer that they focus on their job.  We made an outline as to who handles what, had it printed, had both of them sign the agreement, and posted a copy on the fridge and another on the maid’s room.

Exemption to the rule


Day Off Duo




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